The Material Girl Revived

Material Girl Clothing Line

Is the material world ready?

By now you have heard that the infamous material girl, Madonna, and her beautifully stylish daughter, Lourdes, will be launching their clothing line rightfully titled Material Girl.

The line will feature clothes that are designed with the electic yet sophisticated look which only this mother-daughter can successfully pull off. From tie-dye flowing dresses and the classic studded leather jacket to vintage encrusted jewelry that takes accessorizing to a whole new level.

The line has already been getting mixed reviews – some excitingly anticipating the line, while others just see it as another…well…celebrity clothing line. Whether this is just another facet for Madonna to be involved in one thing is for sure: she doesn’t sell out her Material Girl style – well until it’s in store August 3.

Follow this link to directly for a sneak preview:

One sad note: The line is ONLY being offered at Macy’s in the U.S. Well, it looks like Charlotte&Elisabeth will be doing some cross-border shopping very soon.

What about you; will you be checking out the Material Girl line?

Truly Yours.

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