Bonjour, New York Girls

High heels, couture fashion and bon-bon’s…it doesn’t get any better for Gossip Girl’s elite.

Leave it to Gossip Girl to travel anywhere in the world with their scandalous, yet fashionable, life dramas and mishaps and still maintain their flawless fashion sense. Of course it doesn’t take that much for anyone in Paris to look sophisticated. For all you GG lovers (like us) you’ll be excited to know that the show is presently filming season 4. If you remember from last season the intense and jaw-dropping cliffhangers – such as Chuck’s dangerous encounter which has left him for….possibly dead…..and Jenny finally leaving the show, season 4 is sure too promise an exciting, and of course devious and twisted plot. And hey, if the plot doesn’t please you – sigh – the fashion sure will, just take a look at these photos taken while Queen Bee Blair (Leighton Meester) and Serena (Blake Lively) waltz casually and sophistically around Paris.

Now if this isn’t the epitome of fashion on a television series….were not quite sure what is. Let us know what you think of these photos and the upcoming Gossip Girl season. Will you be tuning in for the fashion or the show?

FYI: Stay tuned for our upcoming “How we Wear” series based on Gossip Girl, where we will offer the latest tips and styling on getting the GG look!

Truly Yours.

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