A Boy by Any Other Name

Him, His girlfriend & You?

So if this equation makes sense to you – one-way or the other, you have experienced the age-old dilemma – Can you just be friends with a guy?

I have recently experienced this firsthand – as we speak. In my series,  “The Un-Boyfriend”, I look at the complication of a woman and a man just being friends.

As much as it complicates the person (or people) involved it can usually be summed like this:

You have great conversations with the person. You are able to laugh with the person. You smile with them. Your honest with them…and the list goes on.

All of these characteristics are personality traits of a friend but when this friend is a guy, its almost impossible to treat the friendship as just that, a friendship.

Women obviously take every single cue a guy hints at. Whether he tells you verbally that your funny – or looks at you a certain way (which also can be interpreted wrong) but whether they tell you verbally or through body language a guy will let you know if he likes you. But what if he has a girlfriend? Although I am not quite sure what to make of my current situation, I do have some helpful tips for any women out there who are in this dilemma:

  1. If you can be his friend – be his friend: why be something more when you know that it can jeopardize a possible friendship.
  2. Try to eliminate the emotional or sexual tension attached: This varies in each case but in any case if you begin to experience increased emotions – GET RID OF THEM. Easier said then done, but if you follow these emotions, it can and will get worst.
  3. Try and keep conversations as extremely friendly AND let HIM know where you stand – men are upfront, so be upfront.

As for my situation…I will keep you updated. I know for sure though I certainly hope we can be just friends.


Tell us what you think, is possible to get RID of emotions for a “guy-friend?”


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