A Cool Summer

When I was approached with the question: “Is it OK to wear scarves during the summer?” I responded by saying “Why not?” When it comes to summer accessories we often opt to wearing belts, statement jewelry or be-dazzling sandals or heels. But the truth is that you can still incorporate scarves into your summer wardrobe. Scarves which are lightweight, silk or made of sheer material actually help keep you cool in the hot weather. Summer scarves are also an excellent spin and alternative to fuse summer and winter style. Check out some the scarves we think are excellent additions to a cool summer outfit.

Summer ScarvesFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

One thing to keep in mind when wearing summer scarves: 

  1. Try and wear fabrics and materials which are lightweight, like silk, not cashmere. If you do decide to wear a heavier scarf try and keep your clothes light, for example, wearing shorts or a romper.
  2. Using vibrant colors and hues are essential this summer. We are in the summer of color; take advantage of it.

What do you think of summer scarves? Do you wear scarves during the summer?


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