Nerds with a Twist

I LOVE NERDS. There I said it. But I am definitely not alone. So when the Geek Chic look was invented ( or reinvented, however you look at it) a while ago, I fell more so in love with nerds and their fashion sense and style. 

Ok, so I know that this trend has long been established, worn and re-worn, but you can’t help be fascinated at how attractive this look is. Of course its meant to be more of a statement rather than a trend, but Geek Chic is coming back, and with a smart vengeance. And for FOREVER 21 the Geek Chic look is presently their main attraction. Although their Fall 2010 preview has focused on the more preppy side of the fashion spectrum, they managed to add a bit of playfulness with their Forever 21 TWIST presents I LOVE NERDS clothing line.

With oversized specs, smart bow-tie shirts, and bright colors, the line manages to channel your inner geek. Check out their lookbook here: Forever 21 TWIST Presents I LOVE NERDS

Everyone loves a nerd.

Tell me: Is the ‘Geek’ look really ‘Chic’?


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