Looking Forward To: Fall 2010 Accessories

We had a summer full of color and now a fall full of sophistication. Although fall fashion is often the time we retire the bright clothing we acquired over a two month period, it doesn’t mean this fall will not be a season of shimmer, shine and of course, the classic authenticity the autumn season brings. And what is an outfit with accessories? Nothing of course. Our accessories make our outfit and whether we would like to believe it or not, an outfit isn’t complete until an accessory makes it so.

To get an idea on what to expect this fall when it comes to accessories, we have come up with our TOP 10 Looking Forward To List, when it comes to fall accessories.

Fall 2010 Accessories

  1. A gorgeous duffel bag is the perfect bag and perfect color to help you transition into a classic fall style. (Designer: Chloe).
  2. Two-tone color boots are the perfect footwear for the classic fall t-shirt and jean combo. (Designer: Christian Louboutin)
  3. Try and find a shoulder bag with evenly proportioned compartments either on the front or side. They add flare and detail to an otherwise ordinary bag. (Designer: Mulberry)
  4. Gold jewelry should be the basic staple to every fall outfit. (Designer: Kara Ross)
  5. A faux-fur multi-colored clutch adds texture and color to the otherwise autumn colors. (Designer: Diane von Furstenberg)
  6. A tribal cuff will add just the right amount of authenticity and mystery to an outfit.
  7. Printed leopard boots are the perfect addition to a pair of skinny black jeans. (Designer: Yves Saint Laurent)
  8. A bright red satchel bag is sure to bring back memories of the summer while dressing for the fall. (Designer: Mulberry)
  9. Black kitten-heels: perfect with everything.  (Designer: Stella McCartney)
  10. Beaded earrings with gold detail and a fall hair updo will add undeniable sophistication and sleekness. (Designer: Deflina Delettraz)

What fall accessory will you be wearing?

(Photo Courtesy: Style.com)


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