Color Me In: Fall 2010 Color Trends


Of course a beautiful camel skirt by Louis Vuitton


While reading the highly informed and fashionable style site Refinery29 ( a web-site highly recommend) we came across a simple yet informative article about the top colors this fall. These color’s are: camel, purple, metallic, olives, blue, and reds. Not a bad list, eh? Actually we would say this is very accurate but the only problem now….is how can we actually wear these colors on a daily basis. At Charlotte & Elisabeth, we have decided to guide you with a visual collage on the fashionable ways you can easily incorporate fall colors into your wardrobe. The first color we will guide you into is the neutral, yet softly sophisticated Camel color.




1. Try and pair this color with a hard tone color. For example if you wear a camel jacket it is best paired with a pair of black pants or a grey shirt. The contrast of the dark color is perfect to bring out the otherwise subtle tone.

2. Get matchy-matchy. In most cases, wearing a specific color all over may seem a bit overbearing, but not for camel. Consider investing in a blazer and matching pants.

3. Although camel is a soft color, it also comes in different shades. Try finding a shade of camel that looks great against your skin tone. For a more light skin tones try a light/medium camel shade and for darker skin tones go for medium/dark.

Tell us: Would you wear this color?


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