Color Me In: Purple

Oscar de la Renta embraces the color purple as seen in his fall 2010 RTW Collection


Yesterday we excitingly revealed the top fall 2010 colors. We also began our mission to inform our fashion minded readers on how to wear each color, beginning with the subtle, yet suprising camel color. Today we are moving onto another sophisticated color: purple. But not just any purple; rich purple. Purple is one the best colors for fall for two reasons: it is classy and is a color which usually stands out amongst a crowd. We have thoughtfully come up with ways you can add and successfully wear purple this fall.


1. Try and purchase a purple or lilac satin skirt. This is a must-have this fall.

2. Wearing different shades of purple is acceptable ONLY if you add a solid shade, such as black to balance out the outfit.

3. Pair a feminine and flirty top, as seen in the collage, with a black leather jacket or leather boots for the ultimate rough yet chic look (which has been seen on many of the fall runway fashion shows).

If your hesitant about wearing purple here is one last suggestion: purchase a solid purple piece of clothing such as a dress or top and accessorize it as how you would normally with your other clothes. You’ll see how quickly you’ll fall in love with this color! 

Tell us, how are you going to wear the color purple this fall?

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