Color Me in: Pale Blue

3.1 Philip Lim 2010 Fall Ready-to-Wear Collection

When I first got a look at the  fall 2010 collection’s by various designers I would have guessed that purple, black and brown were definite choices in the fall palette…uniting all dark color’s – and moving away from the bright color’s that we so solely miss, already, that were in style this summer. But this fall not only is pale blue turning heads this  – it is lighting up our otherwise a dark fall/winter. 


Here are some tips to wear the daring pale blue color with confidence.


1. Accessories are the way to go for this color trend – especially if you don’t want to dive right into it. Start with pale blue statement necklaces or hair accessories, paired with a pair of black skinny jeans and a white top.

2. Mix pale blue with a darker shade of blue, like a blazer or a skirt, for a preppy look.

3. Try and wear a pale blue solid dress like the one from urban outfitters (shown above) with a single accessory. This color already stands out on its own, so there isn’t any need for anything else.

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