The Dairy of Fashion

People often get the misconception that if you work in the fashion industry your are either A) an incredibly fashionable person or B) a drop-dead gorgeous model or C) an over demanding controller who likes to look beautiful and stay slim until the job is done.

Well two out of three isn’t bad.

As an aspiring fashion journalist, it is automatically assumed that I have acquired these characteristics but the truth is I have none of these characteristics at all…none. Sure, I think I am fashionable and well put together, I think I have a unique physical appearance – which is yet to be confirmed by the grueling judges in the fashion world and I can be highly organized and demanding if need it be but yet I find that meshing into the world of glamour is not at all easy.

Whether it’s being a nameless fashion advisor at one of the top clothing stores in the world…yes world, or being a dedicated groupie and volunteer to the ever-growing and ever stylish Toronto fashion show there is one thing that I have learned when it comes to fashion: MAKE YOUR OWN RULES. Is this greedy, selfish and just wrong? Maybe, maybe and no. I find that the only way to ‘conform’ in the fashion industry is to ‘non-conform.’ And while this may not be new news to some of you, it was definitely new to me.

So my mantra of this week’s beauty & love diary entry:


Simple isn’t it?

Truly Yours,


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  1. I personally feel like the fashion business is in a sense similar to the music industry. It takes a lot to make it, you must stand out from the rest therefore, you’re right, making your own rules, being creative, and showing your individual style would be essential.

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