The Diary of Fashion

“Is that guy who was working tonight gay?”

“Possibly, I am not sure. What I do know is that he has a great personality.”

“Which means he’s gay? I don’t have anything against gay people but it seems that everyone who works at (blank) is gay…or every guy in the fashion industry.”

This is a real conversation I had…with a real person who is now working at one of the top fashion retail stores.  He swept his dark hair aside, a la Justin Bieber, and gave me a smirk as he towered over me.  He screamed innocence and sophistication that you see on fresh faces of new models.  He smiled at me as he boldly admitted that he was a bit…how do you say ‘ frighteningly scared by the fact that someone could love someone the same sex’ (I know there is a word for that…). When I asked him what the problem was really with ‘guys who like guys’ he simply said:

“I don’t understand why all the guys who work in the fashion industry are gay.”

Really? Did he really just make a correlation between the fashion industry and your love life? And if we work in fashion, do we have an assigned sexual preference?” I had so many questions after he said this and wondered if they guy I chose or the guy I am with, will now be defined by fashion and not my personal choice and attraction. And as much as I wanted him to be wrong, a part of me realized that he was right.  When you work in fashion, no matter how “separated” you are from your work, it will eventually seep into your personal life. It was also automatically define who you are (your personality), such as the guy assumed about our fellow co-worker.

As far as I am concern though, it wouldn’t be too bad for some of the fashion industry characteristics to seep into my personal life…but not too many characterstics of course.


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