The Diary of Fashion: Designer Delight

UPDATE: So I have been MIA for awhile, partly due to my hectic J-school schedule and work schedule – but I will definitely try and catch up this week because it’s great to know that some people are actually reading my blog! I really appreciate it and if you have any suggestions or questions on what to include in the blog (maybe a post you really enjoyed) let me know!

Now getting back to this weeks diary entry of fashion…

Awhile back I read an article about women who live in China that are ‘obssessed’ and ‘addicted’ (the articles words, not mine) to designer fashion and plastic surgery. Of course this goes without saying that this obssession is not limited to Asian women alone, but women in general. But the more interesting part of the article was the fact that women would forgo paying rent, bills or any other responsibility just to own a genuine designer item, whether its a bag or a pair of shoes. This immediately got me thinking…is having the best of the best more important than your daily living pattern or well-being? I see and know women who scramble to go to designer sample sales or even buy the dreaded knock of Louis Vuitton handbag, just so they can be a part of this glamorous club.

For example, just last week there was a sample designer sale which featured Jimmy Choo, Coach, BCBG, Michael Kors and the list goes on. Although this was a sale, some of the prices were not at all sale prices. Yet, women continued to swipe and purchase without blinking twice.

I’m not sure if forgetting about my phone bill to purchase a brand new Michael Kors is a good idea….right now, but I definitely think that a woman should at least divulge once and purchase a designer item without hesitation. What do you think?

Truly Yours,



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