The Diary of Fashion: En Vogue with the Skin out…

Yes, it’s that time again. Whether you have experienced sub-zero temperatures in your own city or town or you just don a fur inspired bikini while soaking up the sun on a beach, there is no escaping winter and everything that comes with it. Some like winter and some don’t – and when you live in a major city in Ontario that just happens to be in the suburbs, dressing fashionable almost seems impossible…and just weird for onlookers.

But why is it that once winter comes along we have to bundle up in a stuffy jacket and a hat that seems much to oversized on our head? Is it possible to be fashionable during the winter months? For any fashionista reading this I can guarantee they will think I am an amateur when it comes to fashion. But the reality is: I’m not. But what I am an amateur in is the idea wearing a winter fashion inspired clothing and seeing it on every girl on the sidewalk. *cough Aritzia’s winter jacket* Now there is nothing wrong wearing a popular item – but if you’re a real fashionista take a dare and find other ways to stay warm and fashionable as the soft, white fluffy stuff falls from the sky. Living half-an hour away from the ever-fashionable Toronto there is no sick days for the fashionably clever individuals.

So a tip to all those who have fallen into the dreaded slump of winter?

Let a little skin out.

How do you stay fashionable and warm during the winter?


Truly Yours 



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