Buy of the Day: Furious Love

Earlier this week the passing of the ever-graceful, ever-beautiful and iconic actress Elizabeth Taylor passed away. Her effortless beauty and her storybook romances with her many suitors made her one the last best icons of her generation. For Charlotte and Elisabeth – this passing was especially hard considering I was named in part after this great woman (even though I have an ‘s’  instead of a ‘z’…it’s a long story).

Anyways in honor of Elizabeth, my buy of the week  is a hardcover book titled, FURIOUS LOVE, it’s all about this amazing woman and her relationship with Richard Burton. I have just recently purchased the book but after reading only a few pages I know that Elizabeth’s undenying devotion to finding the perfect love was completely honest, especially while she was in the public’s eye. This is a great book to get to know about Burton’s relationship and her public yet private life.


Tell me: What is your favorite Elizabeth Taylor movie?

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Furious Love. 18.89 at


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