Easy Ways to Wear Spring Fashion: Prints


That’s really all I have to say and I know that every fashion lover out there will rejoice at the fact that prints have reemerged this season and is coming back with a stronger and more bolder look. Nothing says daring fashion like brown golden cheetah prints, Aztec designs and abstract art. Although the print trend may be a risky trend to approach on first glance there are some tips to wear the trend, stand out and feel like your not clashing against the fashion world.

  1. On first try, wear a print either at the top or the bottom. Whether it’s tiger pants or a zebra top, isolating the prints to a specific part of your body will make your outfit stand out more.
  2. Accessorize your print clothing with solid accessories such as a brown belt or teal gemstone ring. The solid bright color will bring out the outfit more without compromising your perfect spring look.
  3. Try and match your make-up to a color the prints, either through bold eyeshadow or blush. Nothing says daring and sophisticated like sleek cat eyes with to go with a cheetah print dress.

Take a look at the ways you can wear the print trend.

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