Easy Ways to Wear Spring Fashion: Minimalist & White

There used to be a saying when I was younger that I never quite understood: Never wear white after labour day. Although I never really got the jist of the phrase, I ultimately knew from a young age that wearing white was not only hard but somewhat took a specific type of flair and sophistication. Luckily we don’t have to wait until after labour day to prove the saying wrong, instead we have the entire spring/summer season to take this trend and make it our own. Here are a few tips to wear the white and minimalist look with ease.

  1. Invest in an article of white clothing that can be used in various outfits. For example in my set I used a blazer by Elizabeth and James Conrad. Although it’s expensive, always having a staple piece in your wardrobe makes wearing the trend easy
  2. Add a hint of color somewhere, whether it’s with multi-color shoes or accessories; that’s really all it takes to stand out.
  3. Make it look and feel relaxed. Wearing white often symbolizes comfort and confidence with your style. Don’t wear white shorts if you feel they’re too tight – because trust me – people will know that you feel that way.

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