Charlotte & Elisabeth’s Beauty Bag: Top 4 mascara’s under $25

If someone was to ask me when I was 18 what beauty product I couldn’t live without, I would say my mascara. Fast forward to a few years later, my answer still wouldn’t change. If I could recommend to any beauty product to have in your bag it would be mascara. It amplifies the look of your eyes with an easy upward stroke and whether your trying to achieve a dramatic 1950’s nostalgic look or a minimalist clean look – mascara gives YOU the opportunity to decide just how bold you want your eyes to look.

I have chosen the best four mascara’s, all under $25,  that I have tried throughout the years and that I am absolutely in love with – and can’t live without.

Rimmel London Mascara, $ 6 - 8

RIMMEL LONDON MASCARA EXTRA SUPER LASH – I absolutely LOVE this mascara. Not only is it inexpensive – it actually works! Depending on how bold and how dark  you want your lashes to be depends on how many coats you want to apply – however you don’t need to apply to many coats for this mascara to work.

Photo courtesy of $7 - 12

L’OREAL PARIS VOLUMINOUS MASCARA – When I interned for a fashion magazine one of the interns there swore by L’Oreal’s voluminous mascara and I could see why. It made her deep brown eyes even bolder without any smudge or mess. This mascara is perfect to achieve a bold and beautiful date look.

Estee Lauder. $23

ESTEE LAUDER MASCARA – I received this mascara as a gift one Christmas and since then this is my go-to mascara if I ever want a to accomplish a classic Audrey Hepburn look. The brush is perfect, not too soft or too hard and offers  just the perfect length.

Clinique High Definition Mascara, $18 at The Bay

CLINIQUE HIGH DEFINITION MASCARA – Clinique has definitely been on of my most favorite beauty brands and is one that I highly trust. Their high definition mascara is perfect in creating single and sleek lashes that take your eyes from normal to bolder.

C&E BEAUTY advice: Pair mascara with red lipstick and a defining bronzer and you have a perfect simple everyday look!

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