How We Wear: Denim Jackets, Part 1

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It’s official: Denim jackets are back for another season and I couldn’t be more excited than to embrace this trend all over again. Whether your wearing it with a brightly colored dress or trying to achieve a uber simple yet chic look like Keira Knightley, having a jean jacket is a must-have and easy spring look spring and should already be a staple in your closet. And finding a jean jacket to suit your personal style is easy too. Here are 3 jean jackets that I have chosen that will aid you in your search of the perfect one

1. Levi’s Classic Trucker Jacket – I love clothing that gives me that feeling that I can be comfortable and stylish at the same time – and this jean jacket does exactly this.  With the Levi’s brand being extremely popular back in my days, I completely trust in the brand. Coming in light blue and blue this jean jacket can be perfectly paired with a floral print romper or dress.

photo courtesy of Levis Classic Trucker Jacket, 79.50

2. Moto Western Style Denim Short Jacket – What I love about this Topshop denim jacket is the fact that the infused the vintage western style look with a more modern design to achieve the perfect denim jacket that just happens to be 99% cotton. The right and left pocket stitching on this jacket are so detailed and the gold buttons  make this jacket the perfect addition to a pair of tailored shorts. Want to go the extra step? Pair with vintage brown cowboy boots for real western inspired chic.

photo courtesy of MOTO WESTERN STYLE DENIM SHORT JACKET, 42 pounds

3. Hollister Highway 101 Denim Jacket – Upon first glance this looks like a very basic denim jacket – and that’s exactly what it is and what makes it a worthwhile investment. This jacket is the perfect addition to your closet and if this classic denim jacket doesn’t entice you, the detailed double breast pockets or authentic and vintage distressed denim wash will.

Photo courtesy of Highway 101 Denim Jacket, 79.50

Part 2: Stay tuned for ways to wear these denim jackets!

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