Diary of Fashion: Magazines are only fun to read…

So I haven’t done a diary in a while, mainly because I’ve been so busy with school and a group project with my magazine class. We are, in fact, developing a magazine written, produced and directed by students – while my professor encouragingly stands by. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Well that’s what I thought at first when the twinkle in my eye and all my aspirations to become the best editor there was could finally be demonstrated to my peers.

Boy, was I wrong.

If your taking journalism, communications or are just in the publishing/journalism industry in general, you’ll know that no matter how many articles you can fact check or how many interviews you have with exclusive people it won’t dismiss you from the harsh and straightforward reality of magazine journalism. Of course I have watched The Devil Wears Prada almost twenty times (this is indeed a true number), and I have endured the harsh reality of the fashion world as I had to strategically move myself from the unknown journalist row to the mainstream media row. But all of that never seemed to prepare me for this; a class with a bunch of twenty-somethings pretending to be something that they one day dreamed about. Besides being stressful, chaotic and sometimes a bit concerning I never got caught up in the fluff of everything and that’s because it wasn’t real. It was all pretend. Sure we are training for the harsh career journalism world to come but I can handle it, and so can you if your experiencing the same thing. And of course I’ll have a demanding editor that expects more from me than my mom did when I was in the sixth grade play. But she isn’t really an editor and in the end we’re on the same level.

So I say: bring it on. If this is the worst it can get, they’re messing with the wrong person. After all I am a fashion journalist and I think that’s the toughest kind of journalism out there.


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