Diary of Fashion: Beauty is not caused, it is

That is a quote from Emily Dickinson, and it possibly the only truthful thing that I have heard in my life.

In honor of Charlotte&Elisabeth’s mini-beauty week I encourage all my readers to embrace their beauty anyway they can. Although the fashion industry shows us pictures of beautiful models, clear skin and slim bodies, we need to remember that everything we see is not always true. But it is possible, and the fashion industry is making it clear to us that it is. How many times have you seen a celebrity grace the cover of a magazine and have requested not to be airbrushed? Or designers who hire only models of a certain BMI to walk their runway?

This is how I think real beauty is finally making its way into the industry and into our personal lives. Here are some tips on how you can live a life where you feel and you look beautiful:

  • Drink 8 glasses of water
  • Keep your face clean by using a washing routine in morning and the night
  • Visit a dermatologist for an in-depth skin analysis
  • Try and include a fruit, vegetable or grain in every meal or snack
  • Stay active anyway you can, whether through walking, dance or swimming

Can you think of anyways to feel beautiful? I want to know! Until next time.


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