There’s no place like home…

Probably one of the most famous movie lines ever, it remains completely true for me as I click my heels and return to my first-ever blog endeavor. After four years of learning more about my passion for everything fashion, beauty, popular culture and lifestyle, a (finally) completed Diploma in Journalism and a countless number of blogs, I was led back here and I couldn’t be happier. My decision to revive this blog, or as I like to call it now – an online magazine – was a decision I made after I found it necessary to build my own editorial brand, just like many of you bloggers out there do. Of course, I aspire and I will work at a magazine (either print, digital or both) very soon, but this personal home is just as important to my journalistic career and I intend to keep it going as long as I can. With this revival I hope you will join me any way you can, whether through comments, ideas or just by reading and enjoying the things I write. Feel free to contact me at charlottelisabethinfo [at] gmail [dot] com, but until then, time to get back to work. It feels good to be back!

as always,
Ashley Greene
Charlotte & Elisabeth – Founder and editor


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