need/want: 4 Trendy Bright Spring Clutches


I’m so excited to finally post something on here and even though it’s a quickie post, it’s a fashion need (or want in this case) that has been calling my name for the past month. I’m your typical hobo bag kind-of-girl, but when I realized there is a possibility to have a bag that carries everything and is still cute, I immediately knew that I had to expand my horizon and add a clutch to my handbag family. I know, it’s hard to believe that I don’t have one in the first place, but everyone needs to start somewhere, right? These 4 clutches are on my radar right now and I’m definitely leaning towards the yellow one.

  1. Bright Fuchsia Clutch, ALDO, $40
  2. Metallic Clutch Bag, ZARA, $39.90
  3. Large Leather Carry-All Pouch, AMERICAN APPAREL, $56
  4. Art Deco Wrist Purse, TOPSHOP, $36


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