How to mix prints for everyday style


One of the best things about adapting a trend to your own style is the fact that you can experiment as much as you want and in the way you want. This is especially true of mixing prints – a trend which I’m loving more and more. The idea of mixing different patterns and designs can be a little crazy at first glance, but like anything it takes trial and error, which is exactly what I did for this trendy and practical work outfit that mixes prints the best way I know how – with accessories! Play with bright colours, textures and fabrics, while also sticking to tried and true staples like oversized sunglasses and ballerinas.

  1. Chiffon blouse, H&M, $34.95

  2. Butterfly print scarf, ZARA, $29.90

  3. Turquoise pants, H&M, $19.95

  4. Two-Tone Ballerina shoes, ZARA, $35.90

  5. Twisted Rope & Rhinestone Chain bracelet, Forever 21, $9.80

  6. Round sunglasses, Aldo, $12

  7. The Multiple in Portofino, Nars from Sephora, $46

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