Celebrity Style Muse: Jennifer Lopez

I love Jennifer Lopez.

Let me just get that out there. I love her vivaciousness, her bright and positive outlook on life, and of course, her style. She is always on cue with fashion trends, whether she’s on the red carpet or captured by the paparazzi as she tries to do “normal” people duties. So, it was no surprise (or wonder) that I thought it would be fitting to profile one of her most recent and most stylish looks, and as a fellow Leo (her birthday is today) she has no problem showing how bold and beautiful she can be at one of the most rewarding and exciting moments in her life. Case in point? The unveiling of her Hollywood Walk of Fame Star last month where J.Lo wore a pink, slightly coral hue Dior dress, which was both perfectly feminine and sophisticated.

jenniferlopezphoto courtesy of  fashiongonerouge via Polyvore

See how you can get the look for less:

1. Accordion Pleated Georgette Maxi Skirt, Forever 21, $33.80
2. Poplin Oversized Crop Button-Down, American Apparel, $52
3. Black Factory Isabelle Patent pumps, J.Crew Factory, $70.50
4. Earrings, Aldo, $10


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