Tailored Sophistication: 5 Worth-it Fall Blazers

Having to work in the corporate world, I have learned one important thing every young business women, and women in general must own in their closets: a blazer. I should know this, right? Wrong, as I do not own any work-to-play blazers. At all. My colleague, who is the same age as me, is a pro at working blazers with a simple tank and black pants, ultimately looking fresh almost every day I see her – which has prompted me to finally invest in (a proper) one myself.

1. Anything with polka dots is always on my watch-list, which is why this Anthropologie Blazer ($98) is on the top of this list. Additionally, it is versatile to wear at work or going out with friends.

2. Although I gave up plaid after my retiring my high school kilt, this red checked blazer from Zara ($79.90) is right on trend with fall fashion and would be perfectly paired with sleek black leather pants.

3. When you can get a J.Crew blazer on sale, buy it. Especially since this one ($58.99) is made of cotton and supposedly flatters all body shapes. I have my eye on this one…

4. This black H&M blazer ($59.95) is also at the top of my watch-list, as it is simply chic and is perfect to be dressed-up with a pencil skirt or dress pants.

5. Red is my all-time favorite colour so chances are you will always see the colour in different variations on most of the posts I write. This blazer ($85) from Aritzia is popularly known for its special twill fabric material and I love how bright it is – which is an added plus if you want to brighten up your usual dark fall/winter wardrobe. 



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