October Celebrity Style Muse: Freida Pinto

When it came to choosing a Libra celebrity for October’s edition of Celebrity Style Muse, I had a very tough decision to make. I never realized how many stylish Libra women there were in Hollywood such as Alicia Silverstone, Nicky Hilton, Michelle Trachtenberg, Joy Bryant and of course, Kim Kardashian (yes, she does have her moments but she’s still beautiful nonetheless) just to name a few.

However, the choice for me was very clear when I realized Freida Pinto was a Libra. Not only is she an incredible actress (I loved Slumdog Millionaire) but she embodies (I think, anyways) everything about the Libra woman, which is talented, powerful, influential, classic and just plain gorgeous – and when it comes to fashion she always knows what to wear in any setting. Case in point – her LAX airport look that made me giddy with joy just picturing how I could emulate this look for more laid-back days.

P.S. Today is her birthday!

Outfit Details:
Lightweight Sweater – TOPSHOP at The Bay, $36
Black Faux-Leather Leggings – ARDENE, $17.50
Black Ballerina Flats – ALDO, $49.98 (on sale)
Shopper Bag with Strap – ZARA, $59.90
Checked Grunge Scarf – ZARA, $35.90
Readers – FOREVER 21, $6.80



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