November Wants

As the cold weather approaches with fierceness, especially in Canada, my main goal is just to stay warm and cozy for the next three to four months. This November I am focused on inner and outer personal growth since I don’t believe you should wait until spring to get a fresh start. These wants (more needs, actually) are all the things I’m currently eyeing and as I write this I managed to get a copy of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. So excited – one down, seven to go!


(items listed in counterclockwise order)

1. I’ve been looking all over for the past three weeks for a winter coat that doesn’t make me feel like I’m so bundled up, circa 1993 during my childhood years. Maybe this Zara coat will do the trick?

2. I’ve read great reviews about The Alchemist and I’m so excited to read it! Got it!

3. My love for beauty is growing by the minute (as you will see in an upcoming project that is to launch next week!) and I feel that I’m finally ready to invest in a set of quality make-up brushes to my growing collection.

4. This plaid scarf actually makes me want to embrace the checkered trend.

5.I have heard good things about the Urban Decay Naked2 Palette – especially its staying power and the great neutral colours.

6. I have fallen in love with LUSH products and I am eager to try their naturally honey-infused fresh face mask.

7. Time to switch out the tank top and shorts nighties for something a little more weather appropriate like this H&M pyjama set.

8. Yes, I know the snow will be falling soon, but as of know the rain is driving me insane and I need some sturdy rain boots STAT!



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