Beauty Gift Guide

bbgiftguideI am so excited to begin my Holiday Gift Guide series! I often read other blogs and take a look at their guides for gift giving ideas, but I thought (or rather, knew) it was finally time to make my own guide based on my favorite things. To start the series, I thought I would begin with a beauty guide that every makeup junkie will swoon over. I know I was just writing about it. (Note: None of these products were given to me – I chose them simply because I’ve used them and love them or I just really want them. However, I will do sponsored posts and if you would like to send me samples please read my full disclosure here).

1. Beauty Blender, $26 – Ever since I found this product, I cannot live without it. Its extremely easy to use and always makes my foundation look flawless.

2. Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Mascara, $29 – I’ve tried every mascara from Maybelline to Diorshow and I keep coming back to this one because it works wonders.

3. The Body Shop Love Gloss in Shade 04, $12 – The Body Shop is easily becoming one of my favourite go-to beauty stores as they have some of the best makeup products such as this lip gloss that gives just the right amount of colour and shine and is the perfect stocking stuffer.

4. Essie Nail Color in Mirror Metallics Good as Gold, $8.96 – Although I love a classic red, you can never go wrong with a good nail polish that is two parts bling and trendy.

5. Lush Ultrabland Cleanser, $16.95 – I know it has bland in the name but it really isn’t that bland – it is the perfect combination of face wash and makeup remover in one.

6. The Body Shop Carbon Eye Definer, $13.50 – I was lucky enough to snag this eyeliner during their half-off beauty promotion and it was the best buy I’ve made in a while. What really makes this eyeliner stand out from the rest is the smudger tool, which honestly, creates the easiest smokey eye I have ever done.

7. NARS And God Created The Women Set, $68 – I actually don’t have this palette (yet) but it is definitely on my wishlist seeing how anything NARS comes up with is absolute genius.

8. Maybelline Baby Lips, $4.99 – For those who remember the days when Lip Smackers was REALLY popular will really like this handy gloss that keeps your lips smooth and plump.

9. Bare Minerals Full Coverage Kabuki Brush, $35 – If you’re looking for a good brand of makeup tools, Bare Minerals line of brushes are a great option and since they are humanely made with goat hair they are super soft.

10. Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful, $21.91 – Because real beauty is also what counts on the inside, I thought it would be appropriate to include this book from makeup guru Bobbi Brown, which features inspiring beauty and self-esteem stories.



  1. Love your picks! That Beauty blender is AMAZING apparently. I’m dying to try it! Also, you can’t go wrong with Baby Lips 🙂 it’s the best stocking stuffer!!

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