Accessories Gift Guide


It is hard to believe how fast Christmas is approaching! Along with the holiday’s there are also countless parties to attend which is why I wanted to save the final installment of my mini gift guide to be featured on accessories. I’m a huge accessories girl and I can literally wear the same clothing everyday, just as long as I have jewelry, either costume or simple, to add some bling to my outfit. These gift ideas are also great for New Years Eve inspiration so while you’re buying for your loved one don’t forget yourself!

1. Small Pleather Bow, $12 – This bow is sophisticated and sweet and will add a touch of much need femininity to your LBD.

2. Cuff Earrings, $6.95 – These earrings mix a bit of edginess with glamour – a perfect combo for those who want to be a little daring.

3. Silver Bracelets, $25.90 – Tis’ the season to stack up the wrist with different sizes of arm candy. These bracelets mix textures and shapes giving you more styling options.

4. Statement Necklace, $35 – I know dainty, small jewelry is in but you can never go wrong with a statement necklace and this one combines pearls, gold and silver creating the one of ultimate accessories you’ll ever have in your jewelry box.

5. Metallic Scarf, $23.94 – Cold weather shouldn’t put a stop to your style. This two tone metallic scarf will do all the sparkling for you on the outside, while keeping you warm.

6. Gold Quilted Clutch, $42.37 – The great thing about accessories is when they perform double duties. Case in point? This gold clutch will brighten up your outfit and store your valuables. Win, win!

7. Stud Earrings, $36 – I’ve never really been the ‘hoop earring’ type of girl (minus that awkward period in middle school), but there are exceptions. However, you can never go wrong with a pair of coloured stud earrings, which are appropriate for both work and the after party.



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