Two Thousand Fourteen Inspiration: New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year!

We’re already seven days into the New Year and I still feel pumped up and excited about the great things to come in the upcoming year! For instance, I plan on blogging a lot more beauty and lifestyle content and hopefully even doing some video tutorials. My mantra for this year (and every year prior, actually): When you’re happy, anything is possible! I’m definitely focusing on the little things that make me happy, so I have compiled items that will keep me on the same track as my mantra. I would love to know what your goals and/or mantras are for the New Year.

Inner Thoughts
Since I love to write I thought it would be valuable to start writing a journal again. I used to have a journal all the time from the wee age of six to my adolescent years and it’s really one of the few things that separates me from the physical world, if only for a few moments and helps me become more connected with my thoughts.


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Putting my best face forwards

Looking great is just as important as feeling great and ultimately the two go hand-in-hand. Although I’m a HUGE beauty junkie (like, really, it’s a problem), I’m relying on a few staple products to help me look and feel great each and every day. (P.S I have officially become an eyeliner hoarder – I just can’t have enough!)

Seeing Green
I’ve always ate a healthy diet (not counting my off-days), but there is nothing wrong with trying to eat MORE healthy. I plan on achieving this by learning to cook new meals, eating less processed foods and juicing at least once a week.

Make it till you make it
I’m on a mission to really establish myself as writer and journalist and make that my career. Period. I’m a 100% moving forward and I plan on doing it in style, of course.



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