January Celebrity Style Muse: Kate Middleton

It’s the first Celebrity Style Muse of 2014 and I can think of no one better than Kate Middleton, a.k.a Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, to start off a year of fashion inspiration! My mom will tell you that ever since Kate entered the my radar, I have been appropriately obsessed with everything about her – her humbleness, her poise and of course, her style. I’ve been waiting since last year to profile her style and since it is January and she is a Capricorn, it is win-win situation!

It was definitely hard to choose just one outfit I adore of the Duchess, as she countlessly proves she is fashion chameleon with her ability to mix high and low pieces, recycle clothing items and always cater her looks to her environment – something I imagine is especially hard to do when you want to be yourself, while upholding a royal title (although I’m all for trying to out, hint Prince Harry if you’re reading this). So, I choose three outfits: casual, maternity and glamorous. And you know what? So far she is the only celebrity (or royal celebrity) where the outfits are appropriate to wear no matter size, height or age. Now that’s a real fashion muse in my opinion.

(Royal) Celebrity Name: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Elizabeth “Kate” Middleton
Date of birth: January 9, 1982
Notable for: Married to Prince William, philanthropy, charity, style (of course), hair, the “Kate Middleton” effect



Jeans, $79.95
Blazer, $39.95
Wedges, $80

Stripe Top, $12



Dress, $47.99
Jacket, $62 (on sale)
Clutch, $17.80
Ankle Boots, $69.99 (on sale)



Lace Dress, $169.99 (on sale)
Red Wristlet, $19.99 (on sale)
Tights, 12 pounds



  1. She is so classic and gorgeous! I love her for her simple choices and effortless ability to look put together. Her choice in coats are always spot on and of course, her best accessory is her hair. My adoration for her is also elevated because she appears to be so humbled and classy without being in your face. She seems to be a great fit for her position. =) It just goes to show you don’t have to be born royal to be defined as royal. =)

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